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Q: Is a sneeze inherited or learned?
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Is a wolf standing perfectly a inherited or a learned?

Its a inherited

What are bison traits?

they either have an inherited traits or learned traits!!! they either have an inherited traits or learned traits!!!

Is cooking learned or inherited behavior?

learned behavior

Is a spider making a web an inherited or learned trait?

It is inherited

Is making a spider web a learned trait or a inherited trait?

It is inherited

What is the difference between inherited and learned trait?

a inharited trait is what you are born with by your parents and learned trait is what you get on your own.

Is perseverance learned or inherited trait?


Is superior athletic performance an inherited trait or a learned trait?


What is a snakes differencs learned and inherited trait?

inherited traits what you know and learned behaviors are what you leArn..... ex. Walking, running, writing, readin

Do segmented worms have learned and inherited behaviors?


What is the different between inherited traits and learned traits of crocodiles?

Inherited traits in crocodiles are characteristics passed down from their parents through genes, such as their physical features, behavior, and instincts. Learned traits, on the other hand, are acquired through experience and environmental factors, such as hunting techniques or habitat preferences, and are not inherited genetically.

Does the language is inherited or learned?

Language is both inherited and learned. We are born with the capacity to learn and use language, which is inherited through our genes and biological makeup. However, the specific language we speak and the proficiency we achieve in it is learned through exposure and experience in our environment.