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No. It is one that has little or no physical exertion.

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Q: Is a sedentary job is one that requires physical exertion?
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What Job requires you to smile a lot?

Any sales job Fight attendant Modeling Nursing

A person who has a job that requires working all night and sleeping during the day will end up fighting his or her natural?

Circadian rhythm for apex ;)

What does it mean to be sedentary?

Usually this means not physically active. For example, a doctor may ask you to describe your fitness level or how much exercise you get at work. If you work at a desk typing in number, go home and watch television and the only lifting you do is a remote control, you are sedentary. If you have that same job but go to the gym for two twenty minute workout sessions and enjoy walking in the mall, you're somewhat active. If you work at a loading dock, enjoy practicing kung-fu three nights a week and do a lot of kayaking, you are very active. My father likes to say he suffers from "Sedentary Lethargitis", a fictionally named condition which redundantly means sitting there and being lazy.

What are some signs that a boy plays with himself?

If his job isn't physical or doesnt work out, and his fore arms are muscular, and have popping out veins.

Why are entry-level health care job just as important to consider as other jobs in health care system?

A. Each job in the health care industry requires that you work your way up. B. Each job in the health care system serves a vital role in providing quality patient care. C. Each job in the health care industry receives excellent benefits. D. Each job in the health care industry pays about the same.

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What does senentary mean?

That is not a word. If you meant 'sedentary', it means requiring little physical activity, such as a job that requires you to sit down all day. It also means someone who leads an inactive lifestyle with little or no exercise.

How do you use the word sedentary in a sentence?

His sedentary job caused him some back pains.

What is a good summer job that requires a good deal of physical labor?


What is the salary of a physical therapist?

This job is a highly paid job, the average salary is 79,000 dollars a year. This job requires a degree and certification in physical therapy. Many sports medicine doctors are physical therapists.

How do you use expend in a sentence?

Expend is a verb which means to use up or consume. Sedentary office workers do not expend much physical energy on the job.

Is physical therapy job diffucult?

It requires quite a bit of muscular strength, as well as being academically fairly challenging.

Is there a job that requires no math?

No every job requires some sort of math.

What is sedentary duty?

Sedentary duty is an occupation that allows you to sit, usually due to an injury or disability. This type of work is usually given to employees who have been injured on the job.

What are some of the requirements for jobs in construction?

For a job a job in construction you are required to be in good physical and mental shape. The job often requires a lot of physical work and carrying of heavy items. You are also usually working at a height so cannot be afraid of heights or loud equipment.

What is a energy job?

A job that requires energy to do

Is an unskilled job?

A job that requires no skills.

Is being a physical therapist hard work?

Being a physical therapist is hard work. The job requires you to push patients harder than they may want and it takes a lot of patience.

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