Is a psa reading of 0.14 good?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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is a psa of 0.14 good after radiation and on hormone therapy?

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Q: Is a psa reading of 0.14 good?
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Is 0.4 a good psa reading?

psa0.4 is that good

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Is it normal to have a PSA of 1.6 and have prostate cancer?

PSA is just one indicator of prostate cancer. It is possible to have prostate cancer and have a normal PSA reading.

After psa reading of 36 and radiotherapy two years ago when reading went down to 1.5 recent mri scan found no cancer but psa raised to 5.2 then next psa test rose to 8.9 three months later why?

The PSA is not an absolute measure. You can have a high PSA reading for a number of reasons. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) can increase the PSA reading very considerably, well above 30 on occasions. If that is suspected then a course of anti-biotics for about 10 days followed by another PSA test about 2 weeks to a month later would confirm if it was caused by an infection. A number of other things can cause the reading to increase. Ejaculation in the 7 days preceding the test can also raise the reading.

Can catherisation cause high psa readings?

No, as the PSA level is a reading of prostate specific antigen in the blood, as a result of a health issue with the prostate.

When one person have blood test a very high psa the possibility of prostate cancer is?

An elevated PSA reading does not necessarily mean that there is cancer present. It could be a benign condition causing the high PSA such as BPH.

Is 4.6 abnormal for prostate specific AG?

4.6 is high, I know because that was my psa score. Your free PSA score would be a more accurate reading in regards to Prostate Cancer

What is a psa count of 6?

PSA stands for Prostate Specific Antigen. The prostate is constantly renewing itself or growing. At the same time, the body is producing antigens to try to destroy the prostate as if it were a foreign body. The faster the prostate produces new cells, the faster the body produces PSA.. If there is a cancer in the prostate, the cancer cells are prostate cells, but they are produced much faster than normal prostate cells. As a result, when the man has prostate cancer, it can be detected by measuring his PSA. The PSA reading must be compared to the individual's normal PSA reading to know whether he has prostate cancer. When a prostate cancer is being treated, the PSA reading can be compared to earlier PSA readings to determine whether the cancer is receding or growing. A PSA of 6 is rather high and probably indicates there is prostate cancer growth.

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What is a normal PSA level for a man age 62?

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, a reading of 4.5 or less is normal.