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beneficial because it keep the ecosystem in balance

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Q: Is a predator-prey relationship beneficial or detrimental to the ecosystem?
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Why is flooding sometimes beneficial to an ecosystem?

Flooding is often beneficial to the overall health of an ecosystem because it replenishes soil and nutrients on the banks of where it floods.

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They're not. They don't care. They have the intelligence of a plant

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the relationship in an ecosystems are; commentalism mutualism parasitism

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How is food chain related with ecosystem?

because of feeding relationship,organisms interact in the ecosystem

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Because. It is ^ Lame answer, be ashamed, - A pond is a living ecosystem - plants, and beneficial bacteria that compliment and support each other!

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ecosystem, biomes, tundra

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Why do organisms in ecosystem engage in relationship?

organisms in an ecosystem engage in relationships because they need partners or pairs so they can survive in the ecosystem