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Q: Is a lump a large quantity together?
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In a Request for quote under quantity what does LS stand for?

LS = Lump Sum

When water vapour in the air together it forms a?

it forms fog but when a large quantity of vapor emerges they make a cloud.

What is a large lump of rock orbiting around the earth called?

The large lump of rock orbiting around the earth is called the moon

What does clump mean?

Clump as a noun can be classified as just a lump, or a large piece of an item. Clump as a verb means to compile large pieces of different or like items together into a larger piece.

Should A large quantity of books have a plural predicate?

No. The subject a large quantity of books is used in the singular and all verbs should be conjugated accordingly, e.g. A large quantity of books was destroyed in the fire; A large quantity of books was donated to the orphange.

Which country produce large quantity of Sternum?

The Western countries produce the large quantity of Sternum.

Is size a quantity?

Size is usually how large. Quantity is how many.

What does wodge mean?

A large lump or chunk of something.

What is quantity cookery?

Quantity cookery, or cooking for large groups of people.

What do you do about a large lump on shoulder blade?

Go see the man.

Description of a comet?

a large lump of rock that is heading for a planet

A large quantity of something?

a something