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No. A first cousin is part of your extended family. An immediate family is just parents and their children.

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Q: Is a first cousin part of your immediate family?
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Are siblings considered immediate family members?

Grandparents are usually considered to be immediate family only if you are living with them. Of course, as your parents, they are your immediate family.

Are two unwed persons who are the parents of a common child but do not live together considered immediate family?

They are considered immediate family depending on perspective.In this scenario, if someone were to ask the child who his immediate family members were, the child would name both the mother and the father (as they are indeed, part of his or her immediate family).If one were to ask the mother who her immediate family was, it would include the child, but not the father of the child.If one asked the father who his immediate family was, the answer would include the child, but not the mother.The mother and father are part of the child's immediate family, but they are not part of their counter-part's immediate family.

Is your son's wife considered immediate family for insurance purposes?

She is part of his immediate family.

What if your cousin has a girlfriend and you want him for yourself?

It is not proper to date your first cousin. He is part of your family and a close relative-- too close to date.

Who is part of your immediate family?

your immediate family is your mother, father, broters and/ or sisters

Who is john McCain's immediate family?

George McCain, Paula McCain, Scott McCain and Joe McCain were all part of John McCain's immediate family.

Who is Carly Rae Jepsen's family?

Im her second cousin.... The family name is Cameron for the most part....

What is the concept of immediate family about?

A married couple and their children are an immediate family. Tou could be a part of two immediate families: one with your parents and your siblings; and another with your spouse and your own children.

What relation to me is my first cousin to me?

That depends entirely on what you mean by "close." In most states, it is legal to marry a first cousin, so in that sense the state has descided that the relationship is not all that close. On the otherhand, first cousins who grow up close to each other are often considered almost part of the nuclear family.

How is your first cousin's child related to your child?

Your child and your first cousin's child are second cousins. A full generation is another set of cousins. For example, the second cousins' children will be third cousins, etc. Now here is the tricky part. You are a first cousin once removed to your cousin's child and your cousin is a first cousin once removed from your child.

Can you marry your first cousin twice removed?

Whether you can marry your first cousin twice removed depends in part on the laws of the place where you propose to have the marriage performed. In most of the US, you can marry your first cousin, so marrying your first cousin twice removed would also be permitted.

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Cousin Skeeter was created as part of the Cousin Skeeter show in 1998. Cousin Skeeter was created by Phil Beauman, Alonzo Brown, and Brian Robbins for Nickelodeon.