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It is on the upper border of normal. If you have an inactive lifestyle, you should get more exercise.

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Q: Is a 97 pulse rate bad for a 17yr. old when your calm and just walking at a normal pace?
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What is the normal pulse rate after smoking marijuana?

ist of all, why the hell you do that ****? the normal pulse rate should be very calm like 65-84

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Do violent video games affect your pulse rate?

Yes, actually any kind of video game can change your pulse and blood pressure depending on what you are doing throughout the game. Violent games may make your pulse go faster depending what is going on in the game. Calm games may let your pulse drop, or stay around the range it first started in.

What are giant river turtles behavior?

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Which should be the average pulse rate for an eighteen years old boy?

Considering that the teenager is calm, resting, the average heartbeat is 76 to 82 bpm.

What Do Doctors Consider Normal Pulse Rates?

For those people, who are trying to look after their health, they should know what doctors consider as normal pulse rates. If their pulse rate is too high or low, there are things that people can do to remedy the problem and bring their rates within the normal range. The normal pulse rate for people is anywhere from about 70 to 100 beats every minute. Those people, whose pulse rate is significantly higher or lower than the average, should make appointments to see their doctors immediately. The doctors will examine them thoroughly and determine if any testing is required. In general, the lower a persons pulse is while they are resting, the better, since the heart is not working overtime. When the pulse is low, the heart is not using excess energy to function, and there will be less stress on the heart, as well. People can easily find out, themselves, what their normal pulse rate is using an ordinary stopwatch. First, they need to remain calm and relaxed for a long period of time. Next, they can check their pulse by placing both their index fingers and their middle fingers on the inside part of their wrists. They should then count the beats that they feel for one full minute using the stopwatch. The number of beats they count at the end of one minute is their pulse rate. If their pulse rate is extremely high or extremely low, there are some things that people can do. They should make an appointment with their doctors, of course; however, there are some other steps they should take, as well. They need to make sure that they eat a lot of lean foods, and they need to steer away from consuming foods high in sodium. They also need to exercise regularly and steer away from anything that causes them undue stress. In conclusion, a normal pulse rate can vary depending on the individual; however, it averages about 70 to 100 beats per minute. If people check their pulse and find that it is either too high or too low, there are some things that they can do to remedy the situation as outlined above.

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