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No, because she could have had a breast inplant and a tumy tuck.

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12y ago lol I'm 5'3" and 119 and my waist is 27 inches and everyone tells me I'm too skinny lolol

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Q: Is a 6 foot tall girl with a waist of 32 inches and hips of 42 and bust of 41 considered fat?
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How long is an American girl foot to waist?

Since that is about half of her body, the American Girl doll would be about 9 inches tall, foot to waist.

How tall is Matt Corby?

9 foot 4 inches. And that's at waist level.

How many inches around the waist should a 5 foot 4 girl be?

You should be about 27 or 26 inches around your waist. You should also weigh about 110 pounds and be able to lift about 10 pounds.

Is 36-28-36 good figure for a girl who is 5 foot 3 inches?

no. your waist is too big.

How many inches around the waist should a 5 foot 1 girl be?

The female in question should be approximately 20-24 inches, depending on build.

How much is a model's waist?

A female model's waist is usually between 23-25 inches (58-63 cm), she should be 5.9 - 6 foot tall (175 - 183 cm).

How many inches around the waist should a 4 foot 11 inch girl be?

A girl who is 4' 11" should be around 23-28 inches around, depending on your age.

Is it heathly that you have 29 inch waist?

No, its not big at all if you are male, six foot six tall and over forty years old. If however, as I suspect, you are not as I previously described then the answer will depend on your sex, height and age.

How much inches are in foot?

There are 12 inches in one foot.1 foot = 12 inchesThere are 12 inches in one foot and there are 3 feet in one yard.12

Are you considered fat if your 83 pounds and 4 foot 9 inches?

No your not! no one is fat!

Is a 4 foot 9 inches tall person considered a dwarf?

No. You are short. End of.

Am I overweight PLEASE be honest you are 13 years old 5 foot five 115 pounds and your waist is 27 inches?

No you are not overweight given the information supplied.