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Lateral, means to the side, so I would think that the arm is on the side of the torso (body).

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Q: Is The arm lateral to the torso?
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Is your little toe lateral to your torso?

The little toe is lateral to the foot. It is distal to the torso. Lateral means to the side.

What spinal curvature would happen if your torso got thrown into a lateral flexxion?

What spinal curvature will result when you throw your torso into lateral flexion?

Can you give a sentence with torso?

Dan wrapped his arm around his girlfriend's torso.

What connects arm to torso on human?

The shoulder.

What is difference between torsional rigidity and lateral rigidity?

The torsional rigidity comes from the torso. The lateral rigidity would come from the arms and the legs becoming stiff.

Can you have scoliosis in an arm?

no it is only lateral curvature of the spine

What caused pain in the upper torso area under right arm?


What does grasp the arm mean?

To grasp - to take hold ofThe arm - part of your body that comes from your upper torso and ends in your hands

What motion is moving your arm side to side on a table?

lateral motion.

What is the main function of the muscolocutaneous nerve?

innervates the flexor muscles of the arm and skin of the lateral side of the lower arm

What is ventral-lateral?

Ventral-lateral is a medical term refering to the front (ventral) and side (lateral ) of a body structure. A broken bone in the arm can be described as showing a ventral-lateral angulation, meaning it is sticking to the front and the side.

is the humerus medial or lateral?

The ulna is medial. It's important to remember anatomical position when determining the directional terms for the lower arm.