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Shiki and Rima are both models who met while on the job and later became inseparable. They work together on many occasions and they take on assignments from the Vampire Council to hunt down Level E vampires. The two of them share similar personalities and are almost always seen together. They are shown caring about each other's well-being often, showing their relationship of very close friends.


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Q: Is Shiki and Rima in a relationship?
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Do rima like shiki?

Rima and Shiki have a close relationship as cousins and childhood friends, but their dynamic is more focused on loyalty and duty rather than romantic feelings. While Rima deeply cares for Shiki and often worries about him, their relationship appears to be platonic and built on a strong bond of friendship.

What happens to shiki and rima?

rima and shiki last saw in the party and visiting yuuki (shikis cousin)--+rimasenri

How old is shiki and rima from vampire knight?

In the "Vampire Knight" series, Shiki is around 17 years old, while Rima is also around 17 years old.

Does shiki and rima end up together?

I`m sorry......but no.

Which chapters of Vampire Knight have Shiki and Rima in them?

Shiki and Rima appear throughout the series of Vampire Knight, but they are prominent characters in chapters 17, 34, 48, 63, 77, and 89.

Does shiki die in vampire knight?

Shiki does not die, Although it doesn't say I think he ends with Rima xx

Does shiki and rima like each other?

No they are just close friends! But I wish they like each other

Do shiki and rima ever kiss?

No, but do they have a really close relationship. They're sort of a couple, I guess. They're so cute together... :) I hope they might develop a kiss later on... can't wait to read more!

Do you say Senri Shiki or Shiki Senri?

"Senri" is his given name, "Shiki" is his surname (family name). Thus "Shiki Senri" is the Japanese name order, and "Senri Shiki" is the Western name order. Personally I say "Shiki Senri" because it's a Japanese series, but as long as you're consistant Western order shouldn't be a problem.

Is shiki and rima lovers in vampire knight?

No. They are not.. but they are pretty closeDuring the attack on Cross Academy, he carries Rima away from the dorm before it collapsed. She wakes while he was carrying her, telling him she was hungry and asking him to 'give her some blood later'. This is normally a request only made by vampire lovers to sate each other's thirst. And he agreed. so yeh there lovers

What episode does rima and shiki fight?

Well in one chapter yes but it was never Shiki, it's actually Rido(his father) in his body. In that case i think it's in i think chapter 35, 36, or 37(manga) and Season 2 episode 8. this is completely random but i had searched the world ends with you ds game and came upon this: there is a girl shiki in the game lol

Things that Shiki and Rima eats in vampire knight?

Pocky, a type of Japanese snack/candy. It is a basic pretzel stick coated in chocolate. Another name for this type of food is Mikado.