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No, he is deceased.

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Q: Is Rev Campbell husband of DeLois Barrett Campbell still living?
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What are The Barrett Sisters doing these days?

The Barrett Sisters are doing very well. I spoke to both Ms. Delois and Ms. Billie this week. Friday, June 4th they along with 24 other living gospel legends of Chicago where honored at a spectacular celebration. Please keep all three sisters in your prayers, they are in their 80's now. Still pressing, and still loving the Lord with their heart, mind and soul. They are such and inspiration and joy to know.

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Just look at YOUTUBE and you will know that all of the Barrett Sisters are a live and well. Mrs Campbell just turned 85 and has some health issues however she is very mentally alert. She loves to tell the stories of her life, some of which are outrageously funny! She enjoys hearing from her fans and reading the emails they send. Mrs Billie GreenBey who will be 83 in August looks good. She lives next door to Mrs. Campbell. Billie is the queen of the one liners-- Hilariously funny! Mrs. Rodessa Porter lives just down the street from the two sisters. At 80 years old she can hit those high notes that will blow the flag off the Sears Tower. All their spouses have passed on but the ladies are surround by family and friends. On any given day Mrs Campbell may have a gospel music legend sitting in her living room or at her kitchen table. Fans call and come by routinely. The Internet has revitalized The Barrett Sisters career. Visit their website for information on their upcoming documentary.

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