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no phentermine is not an an amphetamine phentermine is however similar chemically to the amphetamines phentermine is also a controlled substance

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Q: Is Phentermine considered an amphetamine
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Related questions

Could phentermine be considered an amphetamine and test positive on a drug test?

No, Phentermine is not an Amphetamine. Phentermine is, however, similar chemically to the Amphetamines. Phentermine is also a Controlled Substance, but does not show up on a drug test as amphetamine.

Is phentermine a barbiturate?

Phentermine is in the amphetamine and phenethylamine class of drugs.

Will phentermine cause you to fail drug test?

yes its an amphetamine

What does phentermine show as up in a drug test?

It will show up as an amphetamine.

Does acxion show up in drug test?

Yes it does. Phentermine is an amphetamine.

Does adipex contain amphetamine?

Adipex is one of the brand names for Phentermine. Adipex is a stimulant similar to amphetamine, but it is NOT amphetamine. However, many of the side effects are similar.

Does phentermine test positive on drug tests?

yes. it shows up as an amphetamine

Can phentermine show up on drug test as an amphenamine?

yes cause it is an amphetamine

Will phentermine show on a 5 panel drug test?

Yes, it will show up as an amphetamine.

Side effects of phetermine?

Phentermine is a stimulant that is similar to an amphetamine. The side effects of phentermine are hyperactivity, racing heart beat, and increase or decrease of libido.

Will Adipex show on a drug test?

Even though Adipex, a brand name for the drug phentermine, is not an amphetamine compound, it sometimes shows positive as "amphetamine" on drug screens.

What does phentermine show up as on drug test?

It's an amphetamine class drug, but if you have a legal prescription, its not a problem.

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