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No He's not a married man don't he will be we just have to give it some time and he will find a woman that's loves what he loves! Good Luck to you Matthew love! (why can't i be old enough to date him???? WHY!?!?!?!) :(

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Q: Is Matthew Joseph Korklan married
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What is the birth name of Matthew Korklan?

Matthew Korklan's birth name is Matthew Joseph Korklan.

What is Evan bourne's real name?

Matthew Joseph Korklan

How tall is Matthew Korklan?

Matthew Korklan is 5' 9".

What nicknames does Matthew Korklan go by?

Matthew Korklan goes by Evan AIRBourne, and The Future of WWE.

When was Matthew Korklan born?

Matthew Korklan was born on March 19, 1983, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Does Matthew korklan have a brother?


What is WWE Evan Bourne real name?

WWE star Evan 'Air' Bourne's real name is Matthew Joseph Korklan.

Is WWE Matthew Korklan gay?

No. He's got an extremely HOT girlfriend

What is WWE star Evan Bourne real name?

I think Matthew Korklan and I believe it says that on wikipedia. no it can't be mathew

In the Christian Bible were Joseph and Mary married?

Certainly. Matthew 1:18-19 refers to Joseph as her husband and to Mary as his wife.

Are Billy Kidman and Evan Bourne the same person?

Matthew Joseph Korklan born March 19, 1983 making him 28 years old and Peter Alan Gruner, Jr. born May 11, 1974 making him 37 years old, no they are not the same person.

When was Joseph Matthew Sebastian born?

Joseph Matthew Sebastian was born in 1891.