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No, but they do have a physical resemblance.

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Q: Is Gabriel Macht and Jason Segal related?
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Is george segal the father of Jason Segal?

No, they are not related and their last names are spelled different.

What is Jason segal's occupation?

Jason segal is a/an *Actor *screenwriter *producer

When is Jason segal's birthday?

Jason segal was born on January 18, 1980

Where did Jason segal go to college?

Jason segal went to Harvard-Westlake School

Is Stephen segal the father of Jason segal?

No. Their last names aren't even spelled the same (see: Stephen Seagal, Jason Segel).

Is Jason segal steven segals son?

Yes, Steven Seagal is Jason Segal's Father. This was confirmed on the Hamish and Andy Show Friday, 20th August 2010. Podcast it! Revisement: No They were just kidding! and Jason was playing along. Check Jason Segel on Wikipedia and it says that his father was a lawer.

What was Jason segal's first movie?

"Jason Segal's first movie was called SLC Punk. Or Salt Lake City Punk, in this movie he played one of the punk kids, who in the end of the movie decided to become a lawyer."

When was Jason Shaw born?

Jason segal was born on January 18, 1980

Is katey segal related to Allison janney?

no relation. Identical voice though

What actors and actresses appeared in Bliu the Whale - 2011?

The cast of Bliu the Whale - 2011 includes: Jason Lee Segal as Lifeguard

Are Katy SEgal and Mcnally Segal related?

In the Season 2 Sons of Anarchy DVDs during an episode commentary Katey Segal confirms that McNally Segal is her sister in law.

Is Steven Segal gay?

Is Steven Segal gay? Is Steven Segal gay? Nobody knows for sure, but that little ponytail screams YES nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooo way he is well not gay i really like him so theres your answer write back if u are steven segal