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Q: Is Fiona coote Australian heart transplant recipient still alive?
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How much liver is required for liver transplant?

Enough to keep the recipient alive and hopefully healthy, so it's around 90-110% of the size of the recipient's original liver that is required. (You can survive with only 5% of your liver working, but obviously the liver transplant recipient wants to live, not merely survive (since you can "survive" whist being quite ill). If a liver becomes available, it would be silly not to transplant as much of it as possible to meet the size of the original, since this speeds up recovery time post-transplant - i.e the liver does not need lots of time to regenerate, since it's already the correct size).

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There aren't really any advantages over a kidney transplant, as dialysis is used to keep patients alive while they wait for a transplant. Patients are always on the waiting list for a transplant, which shows that there isn't really any benefit.

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