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No she is very lonely and he treats her very badly.

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Q: Is Curley's wife really in love with her husband?
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Does curleys wife really know what happened to to his hand?

Yes she does.

Does some of the love go away from a wife after she finds out her husband cheated on her?

yes it really goes away

Where was curleys wife originally from?

Salinas. :)

Who stays with curleys wife?


Do cheating husbands love their wife?

it can be possible ANSWER: For some yes they do but not the way he use to love her. If this married man really love his wife, and I mean truly love his wife, do you think he will think of hurting her even betrayed her? I think not. For some married man who do cheat, their love for their wife is not the same anymore. For some married woman who ends up cheating, they also still love their husband but it was the husband who push the wife to go to another man.

Who stayed behind with curleys wife?


Should a husband love his daughter more than his wife?

A husband should love his daughter just as much as his wife. After all his daughter was made from his wife. That goes with sons too.

Do you have to meet your husbands ex wife?

It's your human right not to, but if you love your husband and he really wants you to, it would be kind to go along.

Where did curleys wife meet curley?

The dance palace

Can a mistress really end up with the husband?

Yes a husband CAN love a mistress but he CAN'Ttruly love his wife as well. If he truly loved his wife then he wouldn't need to have a mistress on the side. True love isn't spread around (other than family and friends) but able to be given to one other person and ONLY one other person, otherwise it is just lust.

What can you infer is the reason curleys wife married curley?

she was forced to

What should a wife do to get love of her husband?

Make him his favoritedinner...... flirt