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Injuries are most common and can be caused by physical, chemical, and radiation causes. Infection can be a cause but is much rarer. Regardless, a qualified ophthalmologist should be consulted.

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Q: Is Corneal abrasion a pitting of the cornea caused by an infection or injury?
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Which condition is a pitting of the cornea caused by an infection or injury?

Corneal Ulcer.

What is corneal blindness?

blindness caused by corneal disorders

What disease characterized by bacterial infection of the sebaceous oil glands in the skin?

One of these is called acne. Untreated or under-treated, it can cause scaring and pitting of the skin.

Can you wear very moist contacts for one night if you have a corneal abrasion caused by contacts?

how/when did you get the abrasion and what was rxed? if you got the abrasion from not removing your contacts or not cleaning them properly than no, i wouldn't wear them. if it was 4 months ago then yes. I'm sure its fine for one night, however don't sleep in them. still need more info for a good answer... best way to know is call the optometrist you saw and ask him/her.

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Wind abrasion is caused by larger particles of soil called?

Most wind abrasion is caued by larger particles of soil called what

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