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Q: Is Clint walker's first wife Verna Carver walker still living?
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Is Clint Walker a Christian?

Yes Clint Walker is a Christian.

What is Clint Walker doing now?

Mr. Clint Walker is living the quiet life in Grass Valley, California, personally signing DVDs: his website is listed in the related link below:

Is Clint walkers health ok today?

As far as research tells, actor Clint Walker is doing fine. Born in 1927, he is getting quite old though. The last movie Clint Walker was in was Small Soldiers in 1998 in which he was the voice of Nick Nitro. In 2004, he was inducted into The Hall of Great Western Performers.

When was Clint Walker born?

Clint Walker was born on May 30, 1927.

How many children did Clint Walker have?

Clint Walker has one daughter, named Valarie.

What is actor Clint walkers address?

The best way to contact Clint Walker is to do so through his official website. His personal address should never be posted on a forum like this because stars have problems with weird stalkers. His website posts how to contact him.

Is clay walker Clint walker son?


How min kid do Clint walker dauber have.?

How min kid dose clint walker daughter have.

Who is the mother of Clint walker's stepchildren?

Clint Walker's stepchildren were from his former wife, Verna Garver.

Is Clint Walker a vegetarian?

He was not a vegetarian, ate fruit, vegs, salmon and chicken.

What was Clint Walker famous for?

Clint Walker, who was born in 1927 on May thirtieth, used to be an American actor, but has retired. Clint Walker is most famous for his skill in acting on "Cheyenne Bodie" as a cowboy.

What year was Clint walker of the old series cheynne born?

Clint Walker was born on May 30, 1927.