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I don't believe he is, but is very close to many alphamen

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Q: Is Clifton Davis a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha?
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Who is the brother fraternity of alpha kappa alpha?

Alpha Phi Alpha

Was Langston Hughes a member of alpha phi alpha?

Yes Dr. Martin Luther King was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Initiated in Spr. of 1952 as a member of the Sigma Chapter.

Is Omari Hardwick a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha?

Yes. In fact he Crosses in the Cold winter of 1996.

What is Alpha Phi Alpha's motto?

Alpha Phi Alpha's motto is 'We Shall Transcend All'.

How many white members are in alpha phi alpha?

1. How is the secret alpha phi alpha Handshake done? 2. What is if any the secret password for alpha phi alpha? 3. How many white members are there in alphi phi alpha?

When was Alpha Phi created?

Alpha Phi Alpha was created on 1906-12-04.

Who was the first white Alpha Phi Alpha member?

On Friday, June 21, 1946, Brother Bernard Levin was initiated as the first non-Black member of Alpha Phi Alpha. He was pledged through Theta (Pledge Master's name was Brother William Jones) chapter at the University of Chicago along with four other gentlemen -- Brother Spencer Hardy, Brother James Gaither, Brother William Rhetta and Brother Hershel Wallace. At the time, Brother Levin was a 22--year-old

What is the name of the largest black greek fraternity?

alpha phi alpha

What are the colors of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity?

why is october 16th so important to the alpha phi alpha fraternity/

Is Eric Holder a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity?

Eric Holder is a member of The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Alpha Phi Alpha is one of the most famous organizations for African-Americans.

When was Alpha Sigma Phi created?

Alpha Sigma Phi was created on 1845-12-06.

When was Mu Alpha Phi created?

Mu Alpha Phi was created on 1927-10-24.