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no she is not.

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Q: Is Chanel the rapping receptionist Rob Dyrdeks girlfriend?
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Who is chris boykin married to?

Chanel WestCoast from Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory

In rob dyrdeks fantasy factory are Ryan sheckler and chanel still dating?


What is chanels from rob dyrdeks fantasy factory's last name?

Chanel's last name is Dudley,but her full name is Chelsea Chanel Dudley.

Is Ryan sheckler dating chanel from rob dyrdeks?

Yes. They are currently dating and have been since he appeared on Fantasy Factory.

What is the receptionist's name from Rob Dyrdek's fantasy factory?


Who is the blonde girl onRob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory?

her name is Chanel, she is also the receptionist.

Who is rob dyrdek's girlfriend?

Rob does not have a girlfriend right now although some are saying he is dating chanel the fantasy factory receptionist but its not true!

What is Bruno Mars girlfriend name?

His old girlfriend name is Chanel malvar. His new girlfriend is Maggie Mendelson.

Who is teacyeon's girlfriend?

Im yoona

Does Bruno Mars have a son in the 6th grade?

Go to media take out there is a picture of him and his girlfriend Chanel malvar with a baby

Who is Bruno Mars' girlfriend?

Bruno Mars ex-gf was Chanel Malvar. but they had broke up.There no longer dating!anymore.

Is Bruno mars had another girlfriend after Chanel malvar cheated?

Nope...cuz she cheated on him..and he said in a radio station interview that he don't wan't her back. There are 2 sides to every story. Of course he wouldn't admit to cheating on her! Chanel has a very different story and I find it credible. However her Blog no longer exists. Wonder why??