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No. Ben Bruce is rumoured to be getting married to Samantha Cassaro and Sam Bettley is in a relationship with Brittany Mahurin.

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Q: Is Ben Bruce and Sam Bettley in a relationship?
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What is the name of the boys in asking Alexandria?

Danny Worsnop, Ben Bruce, James Cassells, Cameron Liddell and Sam Bettley

What are the full names of the band members in asking Alexandria?

Ben Bruce James Cassells Danny Worsnop Cameron Liddell Sam Bettley

Who are the people in asking Alexandria?

Danny Worsnop - Singer Ben Bruce - Guitar Sam Bettley - Bass Guitar Cameron Liddell - Guitar James Cassells - Drums

What are the names of the members in asking Alexandria?

Danny Worsnop - Lead singer Ben Bruce - Lead guitar Cameron Liddell - Guitar Sam Bettley - Bass James Cassells - Drooms c;

What are the names of the people from asking Alexandria?

Danny Worsnop (Lead Singer) Ben Bruce (Lead Guitar) Cameron Liddel (Rhythm Guitar) Sam Bettley (Bass Guitar) James Cassels (Drums)

What are Asking Alexandria fans called?

Asking Alexandria fans= Asking Alexandrians Band members fan names: Danny Worsnop: Whoresnops Ben Bruce: Ben's Bitches Cameron Liddel: Slutdells James Cassells: Unidentified Sam Bettley: Unidentified

How old is Sam Bettley from Asking Alexandria?

Sam Bettley is 26 years old (birthdate February 19, 1991).

What are the names of the band members in asking Alexandria?

Asking Alexandria, Danny Worsnop (vocals), Camron Liddell (guitar), James Cassells (drums), and Sam Bettley (bass), Ben Bruce (guitar)Read more: asking-alexandria

Who is Asking Alexandria?

No one in particular is their influence, the 80's era is their influence

Who are the guys from Asking Alexandria dating?

Danny worsnop is dating myca gardner ben bruce is engaged to samantha cassaro cameron liddell is dating jamie larson sam bettley is dating brittany mahurin james cassells is dating brandi annette

When was Sam bettley born?

February 19th, 1991

When is Sam bettley's birthday?

April 5, 1988.