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The composition of the medicine is as follows:
Diphenhydramine HCL 15mg/5 ml Chloral Hydrate 75 mg/5 ml Tincture Belladona 0.05 mL/5 ml.

Diphenhydramine is just benadryl and pretty safe, though many infants will become irritable with it, rather than sleepy. I do NOT recommend using chloral hydrate in infants that age nor is belladonna (atropine) safe to use either as both of these medications can have dangerous side effects.

I'm not sure if it is harmful to brain development but it does pose risks (respiratory depression, racing heart) that far exceed its benefits (parent's getting to sleep) in my opinion.

Not addictive except to the parents!

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Q: Is Bebecal medicine good for babies or bad?
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