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No. Amy Rouse is not related to Bill and Gloria Gaither. Bill and Gloria Gaither have a daughter who is Amy Gaither-Haynes.

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Q: Is Amy Rouse related to Bill Gloria Gaither?
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Do the children Amy and Susanna sing with Bill and Gloria Gaither?

Do any Bill Gaither's children sing with them or are into music

What Religion Do Bill and Gloria Gaither Follow?

Bill and Gloria Gaither are graduates of Anderson College which is a Church of God college. The denomination is a holiness, evangelical faith.

Where can one see the Bill and Gloria Gaither website?

Bill and Gloria Gaither are a couple who write and perform songs together, and also have a website where they sell merchandise. One can see the Bill & Gloria Gaither website through a internet connecting device, such as a computer or laptop.

When did Bill Gaither die?

Yes. He was born on March 28, 1936 in Alexandria, IN. He and Gloria Gaither have been married since 1962.

Who wrote the children's song It's a Miracle?

Bill & Gloria Gaither

Are Bill and Gloria Gaither Catholics?

No, they are members of the Church of God (Anderson, IN).

Does the Bill Gaither Group work from Alexandria Indiana?

Yes. Bill and Gloria's home is in Alexandria.

Picture of home of Bill and Gloria Gaither?

You can go to google images and find some pictures!

Did bill gaither have an affair with candy hemphill christmas?

No he has never had an affair with anyohne

What are the release dates for Bill and Gloria Gaither Present The Best of Gospel Singing Jubilee Number Four - 1995 V?

Bill and Gloria Gaither Present The Best of Gospel Singing Jubilee Number Four - 1995 V was released on: USA: 1995

Did bill gaither write Jesus Jesus Jesus?

Yes, and his wife, Gloria is given credit also.

Was Gloria Gaither a Goodman?

Outside of his marriage to Gloria, I feel certain that the only meaningful affair that Bill Gathier has ever had is with Jesus Christ, his Lord. And, may I suggest that who ever ask this question do the same!This kind of question should not be asked on Bill Gaither. He has not. He has been happily married for so many years now.