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Q: Is Allegra an anticholinergic medication
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Is Ativan an anticholinergic medication?

Ativan is not technically an anticholinergic. However, it can have anticholinergic effects.

Can you take Allegra and Ibuprofen together?

Yes you can take a pain medication with an allergy medication

Why would you use anticholinergic medication before surgery?

because they enhance muscle relaxation and decrease secreations

Can you mix Allegra with alcohol?

In general one should never drink alcohol when taking medication.

Is it safe to take Allegra D and Tylenol Sinus together?

this is a good medication as long as it is not abused and follow the direction carefully

Is ativan an anticholinergic?

Ativan is not technically an anticholinergic. However, it can have anticholinergic effects.

What is the generic term for Claritin?

Claritin is a brand name for the medication loratadine. It is a second generation antihistamine.

Is levociterizine an anticholinergic?

Levociterizine is not anticholinergic.

What dosage of Allegra can you give to your chihuahua?

You can't give a human medication to a dog without permission from a veterinarian. Go to your vet, and they can give you allergy medication for your chihuahua.

The patient has recently been started on an anticholinergic medication which symptom reported by the patient requires immediate interventionon the part of the LPN?

Persistent Vomiting

What can you take with Ibuprofen and Allegra d?

Drug/Drug interaction answer: Ibuprofen is a non- narcotic NSAID [nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug], and Allegra-D 12 hr is an antihistamine time-released medication. The two can safely be taken together.

What does anticholinergic mean?

"Anticholinergic" means "that which inhibits the physiological action of acetylcholine at a receptor site".