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Recreational Drug.

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Q: Is Alcohol considered a Poisonous drug or Recreational drug?
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Is Alcohol considered a poisonous drug recreational drug or recreational beverage?

Alcohol is considered all three. It is poisonous, recreational, a drug and a beverage.

Is alcohol considered a poisonous drug recreation drug or a recreational beverage?

Alcohol is considered all three. It is poisonous, recreational, a drug and a beverage.

Alcohol is considered a A Poisonous drug B Recreational drug C Recreational beverage?

poisonous drug

Is alcohol a recreational drug or a poisonous drug?

Recreational Drug.

What is alcohol considered?

It is considered a recreational drug when being cold. Or a downer, when speaking of it's drug category.

Why is alcohol described as a recreational drug?

Alcohol is described as a recreational drug because it is used for the purpose of numbing the mind. Alcohol is used to escape reality.

What is the most popular recreational drug in America?


Is alcohol considered to be a recreational drug?

No. The term 'recreational drug' has no legal meaning or basis, and generally refers to so-called "soft" illegal drugs of which Cannabis(Marijuana) is probably the most prevalent.Yes. Alcohol is a drug, and is used for recreational purposes. It is, therefore, a recreational drug by definition. Since there appears to be a difference of opinion, I will add the following cite and let the questioner make their own choice. ADDED: WordNet Search - 3.0 Noun S: (n) recreational drug (a narcotic drug that is used only occasionally and is claimed to be nonaddictive)

Is alcohol considered a drug?

Alcohol is considered a drug when ingested. YES.

What Alcohol is considered what drug?

Alcohol is considered a depressant.

Is alcohol considered a poisonous drug?

I would say yes - because given the proper quantity it is very harmful or fatal.

What kind of drug is alcohol considered? is a mood-altering depressant and depressant is a type of drug. - People die from alcohol poisoning from excessive ingestion of alcohol. Often, alcohol is not considered a drug because it is "legal"

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