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poisonous drug

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Q: Alcohol is considered a A Poisonous drug B Recreational drug C Recreational beverage?
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Is Alcohol considered a poisonous drug recreational drug or recreational beverage?

Alcohol is considered all three. It is poisonous, recreational, a drug and a beverage.

Is alcohol considered a poisonous drug recreation drug or a recreational beverage?

Alcohol is considered all three. It is poisonous, recreational, a drug and a beverage.

Is Alcohol considered a Poisonous drug or Recreational drug?

Recreational Drug.

Is alcohol considered a recreational beverage?

Alcohol is, among other things, a recreational beverage. However, it also has use in religious ceremonies, providing energy and nutrition, and other functions.

Is alcohol a recreational drug or a poisonous drug?

Recreational Drug.

What is alcohol considered?

It is considered a recreational drug when being cold. Or a downer, when speaking of it's drug category.

How much alcohol much a drink contain to be considered a alcohol beverage?


Who considered a minor under the Texas alcohol beverage code?

For purposes of the Texas Alcohol and Beverage code, anyone under 21 is a minor.

When is a beverage considered alcohol?

When there is the absence of alcohol. Soda pop, tea, coffee, fruit juices and water are considered beverages.

What is considered a soft drink?

Basically anything that isn't water. (Juice, Cola, Coffee...) that does not have alcohol in it. Alcohol is called a "hard" beverage, so it would only make sense that a soft beverage does not have alcohol in it.

What brand for 80 percent alcohol beverage?

I think that would be poisonous, so probably not for sale anywhere. Absinthe is quite close.

Is alcohol classed as a poison?

Alcohol can be considered to be mildly poisonous; you have to drink really a lot of it in order to actually die of alcohol poisoning.

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