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Im 16 and i like it. Its alot better than any other body spray iv had.

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Q: Is Adidas deep energy cologne good?
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What is the highest selling cologne for men?

Three of the best-selling colognes for men this season are Ralph Lauren's Polo Blue, Hot Water by Calvin Klein, and Adidas Urban Man. When choosing a cologne, remember that the same fragrance will smell different on different people. It's a good idea to get a sample and give the cologne an "audition" before you buy.

What is a good sentence with cologne?

He walked by, leaving a trail of crisp, invigorating cologne in his wake.

What kind of cologne does Anthony Romeo wear?

Good smell cologne ! :D

What kind of cologne does Anthony romeo Santos wear?

Good smell cologne ! :D

What is cologne used for?

Cologne is like perfume for men. It gives them a scent that makes them smell good.

What makes abercrombie clothes smell so good?

the cologne that the store and clothes are spritz with.. cologne 41

Is Aspen Cologne for men or women?

Yes there is cologne for men and women and the women cologne smells so good. Every one you pass will ask what is that and they love it.

Does the new Adidas football cleats have good traction?

Actually the NFL's new uniforms are by Nike not Adidas

Are Adidas running sneakers good?


What is a really good thing about the Adidas COMPANY?

adidas brands last a while have you ever had a pair of adidas shoes just the experience it amazing wait till you see how compfable

Is Adidas still popular?

Adidas shoes are still very much in style through all ages. They are have shoes that are not only good for sports, but good for everyday wear.

Will the right Cologne help me land a job?

Cologne does not necessarily help you land a job im sorry. On the other hand it may make you more confident at your interview wearing a good smelling cologne.