Is ALD painful

Updated: 4/28/2022
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very painful

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Q: Is ALD painful
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Why is a disease like ALD much more common in boys than in girls?

The most common type of ALD (adrenoleukodystrophy) is X-linked ALD. Than means that the gene for ALD is on the X chromosome. Because boys have only one X chromosome, if it has the ALD gene on it they will have the disease. Girls have two X chromosomes, so, in order to get ALD both of their X chromosomes would have to have an ALD gene. That would mean that both her father and her mother would have to have an ALD gene. Because males with ALD die before they can have children this would not happen. So girls don't get this type of ALD. There are other, more rare types of ALD that affect both boys and girls. So, all in all, fewer girls have ALD

What is the genotype of an ALD boy?

XnY n=ALD N=Normal

What was the purpose of the ald symposium in lorenzo's oil?

To have scientists collaborate to help find a therapy for ALD

What does ALD do to a person?

You are requested to write the long form of the 'ALD' and write back the question.

What does ALD stand for?

ALD can be the abbreviation for aldosterone or assistive living

What is the phone number of the Ald-Bookmobile in Centennial?

The phone number of the Ald-Bookmobile is: 303-542-7279.

What is the most severe form of adrenoleukodystrophy?

The most severe form of ALD is called childhood ALD. About 35% of people with ALD have this type. These children usually have normal development in the first few years of life.

Where is the Ald-Bookmobile in Centennial located?

The address of the Ald-Bookmobile is: 5955 S Holly St, Centennial, 80121 3460

How do you get ald?

Well, ALD is a very rare disease which is VERY dangerous. There is a movie on it called "Lorenzo's Oil". There are treatments but no cure.

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