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no...not at all there are many couples still together which have a bigger age gap between them for example, my dad is 42 but my mum is 38 <--- 4 years gap of age between them!! but they are living happillly together! :D

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Q: Is 2 years too big of an age gap for couples?
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Is 6 years too big of an age gap?

It depends on the individuals involved. A 6-year age gap may not be significant for some couples, while for others it could impact their relationship due to differences in life experiences or maturity levels. Effective communication and mutual understanding can help navigate any challenges that arise from an age gap.

Is there an age gap between a couple in marriage?

There can be, especially in arranged marriages, but most couples tend to be close in age.

Why big age gap like ten years is good in a relationship?

A good rule is half your age and add seven... But I believe love has no age.

Is 31 years too big of an age gap for a relationship?

Depends on the age. 91 &amp; 60 sounds about right. 20 &amp; 51 is way wrong.

If our age gap is 8 years and we really love each other is that bad?

An age gap of 8 years is not that bad if you both are of legal age.

How big is too big of an age gap in a relationship?

Age doesnt is love...

Is 14 and 8 to big of a age gap?

yes it is!

What is an age gap?

An age gap is a jump in years between numerous people. For instance "there is a 3 year age gap between me and my girlfriend because she is 16 and I am 19"

Is 16 to old for 13?

Well, that depends. It's only a 3 year age gap and once you get older it will seem like less of a gap which it is not a big age gap at all.

Is 4 years to big of an age gap if she is Fourteen and he is eighteen?

Normally yes this is too big of an age gap at these ages, because of the difference in maturity levels.People at this are unable to see the maturity difference, so it can be hard to convince someone of this. When they are older, they will understand better.Be sure to consult the local laws regarding Age Of Consent.Discuss the matter with parents/guardians, school counselor, and/or religious leader. Another answer:that is not all thhat big of an age gap although if you are having sex with him that is illagle you really need to talk to your parents

How many people are currently in a marriage with a ten year gap?

Good question, :-) i am 10 year older than my wife, i don't think there's ever been a worldwide statistic on this matter. A 2003 study showed that the average age gap for married couples is 2 years

Is 14 and 10 a big age gap?

yes! and plus its ilegal.