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No not really why?. but 20 years is longer than 10 years

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Q: Is 10 years to long to wait for my boyfriend to marry me?
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I wont to marry my boyfriend so he can stay here in Australia with me for ever.. but we have not been together that long can i marry him or do we have to prove anythink first?

No you should not marry him you should wait and see if it would be right.

How long do I have to wait after my divorce in Michigan to marry my boyfriend in Germany?

As soon as your divorce is though you can get married to your bf. If you have to wait for your divorce, you should start learning a little German :-)

What to do when your boyfriend wants to marry you and your only twelve?

Say no. You are too young to be married. Tell him to wait 6 years. If he does then marry him then. He most likely won't be around by then, but you will no doubt have someone else too !

If you are 16 can you marry your boyfriend that is 22?

I'm sorry but you can't. You have to wait until you're 18.

What should you do if your boyfriend asked you to marry him?

say not right now and wait to u 2 get older

Your boyfriend loves you but is now living with an arranged to marry he still makes his love known to you and is only 'friendly' with her how long should you realistically wait to see what happens?

move on.

How long did Anne boylen wait for Henry viii?

She would not "lay" with him for 6 years. She waited for 6 yrs to marry.

Is five years too long to wait for your boyfriend to ask you out?

I hate to break this to you, but if you've known him for five years and he hasn't asked you out, he's not your "boyfriend". Exactly what he is isn't clear... perhaps your stalkee, maybe just your "love" buddy, but he's certainly not your boyfriend.

How long do you have to wait to marry after filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy has nothing to do with your ability to marry. You can marry at any time.

How do you get a boyfriend when your seven years old?

You are too young to have a boyfriend! It is better just to wait until you're a teenager.

How long can you wait for a girl to love you as a boyfriend?

wait till she is ready . you cant rush love you just wait for it . it comes naturaly.

How do you get a boyfriend that is 10 years old?

dating when your 10 years old is , just a waist of time, wait and get to know him a bit and wait till your older.