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Introduction may mean intravenous injection or forced feeding. But you don't seem to mean them. When you say water and glucose D, it becomes a solution. But why you should you introduce it? Simply feed the solution spoon by spoon. This will do no harm to your infant.

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Q: Introduction of water and glucose D to infants?
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Does Glucose reacts with bromine water?

When D- glucose is treated with bromine water - it oxides the terminal aldehyde to carboxylic acid and the major product is gluconic acid.

Can you inject water and sugar into the human body?

If by "sugar" you mean D-glucose, then yes. That's exactly what a glucose drip is: an IV with a solution of D-glucose in water. Table sugar is not glucose but sucrose; generally sucrose is not injected alone (it's treated as waste and eliminated from the blood by the kidneys) but it is used in some intravenous medicines.

What happen when d-glucose reacts with bromine in water?

Bromine Water disappear thus forming Gluconic Acid

Why d glucose exist in nature?

D-glucose is obtained by photosynthesis.

Why d-glucose is called levose?

d-glucose is called dextrose, l-glucose is called levose

What product formed when D- glucose react with bromine water?

The product of this reaction is gluconic acid.

What has the author Reginald D Manwell written?

Reginald D. Manwell has written: 'Introduction to protozoology' 'Introduction to protoziology'

How do you distinguish glucose and fructose?

Glucose is an aldose whereas fructose in a ketose. There is a simple qualitative test for distinguishing between D-Glucose and D-Fructose.

Examples of monosaccharide carbohydrates?


What materials are products of photosynthesis a oxygen and glucose b oxygen and carbon dioxide c carbon dioxide and water or d water and oxygen?

Photosynthesis takes carbon dioxide and uses sunlight to split it into carbon and oxygen, releasing the oxygen into the air, and combining the carbon with water from the ground to create glucose.

What is the difference between Dextrose and Glucose polymer?

For one, dextrose and glucose are both monomers, or to be specific, monosaccharides. Dextrose and glucose are essentially the same thing, except that dextrose is specifically D-glucose. There exists two stereoisomeric forms of glucose, being D-glucose and L-glucose. "D" refers to "right" and "L" refers to "left". Essentially stereoisomeric means that D-glucose and L-glucose are mirror images of each other. T The difference between L-glucose and R-glucose is that L-glucose cannot be metabolized during glycolysis which is a component of cellular respiration.

What is the principal end product of photosynthesis?

glucose and oxygen