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The femur is the longest, strongest bone in the body, and bears most of the weight. Femoral fractions are common in motor vehicle accidents and from high energy activities. These types of fractures can be fatal without proper immediate care. Treatment for these types of injuries can be surgical or non surgical. For infants and school aged children, non surgical casts are preferred, but can result in shortened limbs as well as skin conditions, if not watched carefully. For adults with these types of injuries surgery is preferred to correct the bone properly. The healing time for such injuries are between 4 to 6 months if proper care is administered and no blood or nerve damage is present.

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Q: Introduction and objectives of femoral shaft fracture?
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What is cpt code 27506 mean?

CPT code 27506 pertains to 'Open treatment of femoral shaft fracture, with or without external fixation, with insertion of intramedullary implant, with or without cerclage'

What Fracture of arm shows faint line curving around shaft?

spiral fracture

What kind of fracture is a faint line in the shaft of a bone?

This would be a hairline fracture or stress fracture. These only occur in weight bearing bones.

What Fracture one side of the shaft is split and the other side is bent?

greenstick fracture

What has the author Sandra Massie written?

Sandra Massie has written: 'Cast bracing of femoral shaft fractures'

What is medical service code 81002?

Closed fracture of shaft of clavicle

What is the boxer fracture?

A "boxers" fracture generally refers to a fracture of the metacarpal bones-more commonly the fith metacarpal anywhere between mid shaft and the distal(knuckle) end of the the bone.

What is a fracture in which a piece of bone is broken out of a shaft?

Follow the related link below for detailed information.

An x-ray of the arm of an accident victim reveals a faint line curving around and down the shaft What kind of fracture might this indicate?

Closed spiral fracture

What is meant by a complete fracture?

Fractures are termed complete if the break is completely through the bone and described as incomplete or "greenstick" if the fracture occurs partly across a bone shaft

A fracture in the shaft of the bone would be a break in the what?

The straight part in the middle, away from both ends of the bone

What does cpt code 24505?

CPT Code 24505 : Closed treatment of humeral shaft fracture; with manipulation, with or without skeletal traction