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A burn , youh novanet genious!! by, A.

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Q: Injury resulting from heat chemicals or radiation?
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What can a shiny or light coloured surface do to heat radiation?

They absorb heat resulting a cooler environment

A burn is an injury that results from a heat source The heat source may be?

thermal, electrical, chemical, or radiation

What can burns be caused from?

Burns are injuries to tissues caused by heat, friction, electricity, radiation, or chemicals.

Is heat radiation called infrared radiation?

yes, heat radiation is called infrared radiation

What is one area on earth that best relates to radiation convection and conduction?

Earth's equatorial part relates with maximum radiation convection and conduction as it recives maximum sunlight and hence maximum heat resulting into

Another name for heat radiation?

INFRARED RADIATION is also referred to as Heat Radiation.

What are the three instrument classifications that are used to determine the method of sterilization?

Sterilization can be accomplished by heat (as in the autoclave), chemicals (as with glutaraldehyde) or radiation. Your average outpatient office uses heat or chemical sterilization.

Can Ultra violet radiation can be felt as heat?

No. It is infrared radiation that can be felt as heat.

Why is radiation of heat larger in a black surface than a white surface?

A black surface absorbs the heat radiation and a white surface reflects the heat radiation

What is an example of transferring heat through radiation?

The earth receives heat from the sun as radiation

How can heat produced using radiation?

Heat is both radiation and the vibration of atoms/molecules.

How is heat transferred through space?

heat is transfered through space by radiation.