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Depo Provera is an injectable form of contraception that is used in family planning. It is administered into the thigh or buttocks every 11 to 13 weeks.

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Q: Injectable as use in family planning?
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What are the purposes of family?

The purpose of family planning is to stop unplanned pregnancy. This planning of when to have children is achieved through the use of Birth Control.

What are the artificial types of family planning?

Artificial family planning would include the use of pills, the use of IUD, ligation or vasectomy, the use of barrier protections such as condoms, and use of spermicides and other biological agents.

History of family planning in nigeria?

the answer to the origin of family planning in nigeria the answer to the origin of family planning in nigeria

What is the difference between artificial family planning and natural family planning?

I don't know if there is such a thing as "artificial family planning", but natural family planning is a term used commonly to describe a method of fertility management in which a woman can observe bodily symptoms in order to know when she is fertile and either use that time to avoid unprotected sex if she does not wish to conceive or use that time to have sex if she does wish to conceive. Most commonly natural family planning is the sympto thermal method, which is NOT the rhythm method. It can be as effective as the perfect use rate for hormonal contraceptives if used properly.

Importance of family planning for the community?

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Is there a need for family planning in the Philippine?

There is a need for family planning everywhere.

How can family planning be implemented?

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What is Family Planning Association's population?

Family Planning Association's population is 60.

When was American Family Planning created?

American Family Planning was created in 1974.

A reaction paper of a family planning program of the Phil?

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Why do hospitals use injectable morphine?

From their point of view, injectable morphine has a much greater bioavailability, (less is needed), is effective immediately, and they feel they have the skills to administer it properly.

What are the importants of planning?

Family planning is important to ensure you can afford your family. Planning helps you eliminate the need for governmental assistance.