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Well Saito loves Louise, and Louise loves Saito, but doesn't want to admit it. I mean Louise loves Saito but doesn't actually say it to Saito. She doesn't exactly say it to herself either, but we all know by her feelings and expressions. But I think there will a season 4, and she will say it to him.

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Q: In zero Tsukaima what happens to Saito and Louis's relationship?
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Will Saito and Louise from Zero no Tsukaima one day become monarchs of the Kingdom of Tristain?

it depends, in season 4 for helping save the kingdom Saito gets his own land and he is the ruler however in the end of the season both Louise and Saito move to Japan. So yes for a short time :)

How old is louise in zero no tsukaima princess no rondo?

She was roughly 12 at the beginning of the series and judging by how the Headmaster was discussing the new year curriculum with the students she probably has aged about one year, making her 13 and Saito 17

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