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where should you avoid overtaking

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Q: In which of these situations should you avoid overtaking?
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Where should you avoid overtaking?

You should avoid overtaking on a double yellow line, hill, curve or any weather condition where you can't safely see if you can overtake the vehicle in front of you.

When a personal water craft is overtaking another vessel which vessel must give way?

The overtaking craft should give way, as the overtaking craft should be the one with the most control, as it is initiating the move.

What should a sailing vessel do when overtaking a power driven vessel?

Keep clear... The power driven vessel should, if possible, maintain course and speed. The only rule for overtaking is that you keep your distance while overtaking

Which boat should stand on when one boat is overtaking another boat?

I would add that a smaller boat overtaking a larger boat or ship should always give way or alter its course because a larger boat or ship cannot quickly slow down or change its course. The larger vessel already underway should continue, without the added concern of an overtaking smaller boat causing a collision.

What things should you avoid if you have a septic finger?

To protect other people from your infection, you should avoid handling other people's skin, food, towels and eating utensils. You should also avoid touching parts of your own body. You should also avoid situations that will contaminate the wound further. You might want to keep some latex or vinyl disposable gloves on hand for situations that may be unavoidable.

What should you do when overtaking a vehicle?

You should only overtake if it is safe to do so.

What should drivers do before overtaking?

stop the car.

How will you avoid psychological disorders?

Avoid stressful and dangerous situations.

A speech on road rage?

When giving a speech on road rage, you can give a few examples of these situations. The rest of the speech should be positive and give ways to avoid these situations.

Where should one avoid overtaking on the road?

On a two lane Hwy and its a solid yellow line. Never on a curve when you cant see apposing traffic. Just drive safely and everyone will be better off.

What foods should you avoid with low testosterone?

One food you should avoid with low testosterone is soy. In some situations, soy mimics estrogen. Without the testosterone to counteract the effects of estrogen, a man's breasts can enlarge

One boat is overtaking another Which boat should stand on?

the one on the port