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Q: In which objective does letter a appears more enlarged?
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Which objective of microscope does the letter appear more enlarged?

A higher magnification objective lens will make the letter appear more enlarged when viewed through a microscope. These objectives typically have higher numerical aperture and magnifying power, allowing for greater detail and clarity in the image.

Which letter appears in more words than any other?

I believe it is the letter "e".

How does letter e appear under low power objective?

Under a low power objective, the letter "e" would appear larger and more defined compared to a higher magnification. It may appear clearer and easier to discern the details of the letter.

How did the Inca enlarged their empire?

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What is the function of the objective in a microscope?

The objective lens in a microscope is responsible for magnifying the specimen being viewed. It collects light from the sample and forms an enlarged image that is then further magnified by other lenses in the microscope.

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What type of image loses its quality when enlarged?

Raster images lose quality when enlarged because they are made up of a fixed grid of pixels. When enlarged, the individual pixels become more visible, resulting in a blurry or pixelated image.

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The more i enlarged the digital photo, the more it tended to pixilate.

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How much more can you see with a X4 objective than with the 40x objective?

With a 4x objective lens compared to a 40x objective lens, you would see a larger area of the specimen, but the image would be less detailed and magnified with the 4x objective. The 40x objective would provide a much closer and higher magnification view of a smaller area of the specimen.