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Q: In everyday behavior men are less likely than women to initiate touching others?
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Women are more likely than men to?

There are a number of possibilities, but crying is on the list.

Who are most likely to be receptive to strangers who approach them and initiate a conversation?

European Americans

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It is when a close relative has a behavior issue then you might be likely to get that behavior issue. Like if your father has ADHD you might be likely to get ADHD. It depends on how you are related and how strong the behavior issue is.

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most likely

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Behavior is shaped by its consequences. Behavior that is reinforced is more likely to be repeated. Behavior that is not reinforced may decrease or extinguish. Behavior is influenced by the environment and context in which it occurs.

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When an animal is reinforced for displaying a certain behavior, the animal is likely to repeat that behavior.