In dentistry what is a lost sutures?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A lost suture, also called a wandering suture, is a suture that has migrated to outside of the oral cavity.

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Q: In dentistry what is a lost sutures?
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What type of sutures are used for a thyroidectomy?

continuous interrupted sutures

What is the age of someone whose lambdoidal and sagittal sutures are fused but the coronal sutures are not fused?

The person is from ages 32-50 when the lambdoidal and sagittal sutures are fused but the coronal sutures are not fused.

Where can you find an MSDS Sheet on Ethicon Sutures?

msds sheet for sutures

What are skeletal sutures?

Sutures are immovable, wavy joints between the bones of skull.

Are sutures found in the acetabulum?

NO, sutures are wavy, immovable joint found in skull.

What are the different types of sutures?

Absorbable Sutures Polyglycolic Acid SuturesPolyglactin 910 SuturesCatgut SuturesPoliglecaprone SuturesPolydioxanone SuturesNon-absorbable Sutures Polypropylene SuturesPolyamide / Nylon SuturesPolyester SuturesSilk SuturesPolyvinylidene fluoride / PVDF SuturesStainless Steel Sutures

What joint permit the skull to grow with the child but have very limited flexibilty?


Does hyaline cartilage connect between bones and sutures?

Sutures are only found in the skull. Sutures are classified as a Fibrous joint - and permit no movement. Sutures are connected by fibro cartilage. Fibrous cartilage is made up of dense irregular connective tissue.

How do you spell dentistry?

Dentistry is the correct spelling.

Is prolene sutures supposed to dissolve?

no, prolene ( Polypropylene ) sutures don't dessolve. they should be removed.

What is another name for skull sutures?

The cranial sutures are fibrous joints, also known as synarthroses.

What is the cpt code for removal of retained sutures from anterior cornea?

65220 is wrong. sutures are not a foreign body.