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It means they had sex.

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Q: In dating What does hitting a home run mean?
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What does a home run mean when dating?

It means that the couple dating had sexual intercourse?

What does it mean when a baseball player points to the stands?

That he plans on hitting a home-run.

What is home run dating?

a home run in dating is full intercourse(sex)

Is hitting two home runs good?

hitting a home run is good getting a grand slam is even better (Hitting a home run with all three bases loaded

In baseball if someone in the crowd catches the ball after hitting a home run are you out?

No, it is considered a home run.

What does the term home run mean?

Ball is hit over the outfield fence, or batter runs through the bases without an error by the defensive team and reaches home safely.

In baseball what does hitting the cycle mean?

Hitting for the cycle refers to when one player aquires every type of hit in one game - that being a single, double, triple, and a home run.

What does it mean to hit for the cycle in baseball?

'Hitting for the cycle' means a player got a single, double, triple, and home run in the same game.

Where would you have the best chance for hitting a home run?

You would have the best chance for hitting a home run in any field located in a higher altitude. This is because the baseball will hold less moisture and go further.

How did goes yard come to mean a home run?

yard is referencing the school yard... hitting it all the way to the other end or out of the school yard

Can an rbi be earned after hitting a home run?

Yes, because you batted yourself in.

What base should a ninth grader be on?

U should be hitting a HOME RUN!