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In triplets you could have 3 individuals that came from 3 separate eggs or you could theoretically have 2 eggs fertilized and one of the eggs split in two giving a set of identical twins and the other egg would give you triplets. Theoretically you can have identical triplets, if one of the eggs decided to split a second time (this would be a VERY rare occurance). In that case all of the babies would be identical.

In triplets you you can have three individuals that came from three separate eggs, or you could have two eggs fertilized, and one of the eggs splitting to make identical twins while the other egg would give you triplets. If one of the eggs decided to split a second time this would result in identical triplets. [Identical triplets are very rare] only 1 in 1000 triplet births are identical.

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Q: In a set of triplets how can two be identical and the other not like the two?
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How many ova's would triplets have?

It depends. With identical triplets there was only one ovum. If the set has two identical, one fraternal then there were two ova, and if all three are fraternal then there were three eggs in total. Personally I'm one of a set of two-egg triplets. I am the fraternal one of the set, although I still look very much like my sisters.

What makes triplets?

Triplets can be caused in three different ways. With identical triplets there is only one ovum; it splits in two, then one of the two splits again. The second type of triplets is where there are two ova and one splits to form identical twins. Incidentally, I am one out of a set of this type of triplets (I'm the fraternal one, though I still look alot like my sisters). With the third type of triplets there are three ova, meaning that all the triplets are fraternal. This is the most common type, particularly since the rise of fertility treatment.

How can there be indentical twins in triplets?

If a woman has two eggs that are fertilized and one of those eggs split, you will get one unique set of chromosomes and a pair of identical chromosomes.

Can you get identical triplets?

you wont know until the very end what you actually have the babies Answer: Your Sonographer will be able to tell you. I think it is based on how many sacs/ placenta's there are. If there are two they are not identical because they are from two separate eggs.

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What do you get a set of twin girls and sextuplets that are 3 girls and 3 boys?

Well, if you have all of these triplets, and one set of twin, this all depends on if the father or the mother has a twin or triplets.

Do you have twins?

Yes, I have two sets of twins, and one set of triplets.

If I had identical twins 3 years ago what are my changes of having another set of identical twins?

The same as when you had the first set of identical twins.

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There are infinitely many triplets, and in general, they do not have a name. If all three are integers, then they are known as Pythagorean triplets.

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