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Means that two people can have sex withouth being in a relationship.

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Q: In a relationship what does no string attached mean?
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What string was attached to marshall's aid money?

The string of accountability was attached to Marshall's aid money.

Do no string attached relationships work?

This is tricky and it is simple because the way that people in their 20's think. In all reality a "No strings attached" relationship is NOT a relationship at all, She is sleeping with him, He is sleeping when them this is just friends with benefits. A relationship consist of two people joining together in one union.

What is a kite string attached to?

Kite string comes on wooden dowels, about half an inch to an inch in diameter, with the string wrapped around the dowel. One end of the string is attached to the kite, while the other end is attached to the dowel that you hold while flying the kite. The dowel allows you to easily release more string to let the kite go higher, or to reel the kite back in to you.

What is the trick of mr fuzzy?

There is A Invisible String Attached to it.

Bumps on tongue with string attached?

There a number of things that can cause bumps on the tongue with string attached. In most cases, this will be as a result of eating acidic or too much sugary foods.

What does NSA mean in personal ads?

No strings attached--the writer of the ad is looking for a casual sexual relationship without any interest in a dating relationship or commitment.

What is the name of Piece of string attached to a tea bag?


How can you put a string through a potato?

is there a needle attached to the string if not there r other ways make a hole and put the string inside and go in and out and start moaning and giggiling

Can the iud string come off and fall out of you?

Because it is securely attached to the IUD, an IUD string is unlikely to fall out. If you find your string is missing, contact your health care provider and use a backup method of birth control until you confirm that the IUD is still in place. A missing string can mean the IUD fell out without you knowing, but typically the string just moved up into the cervix.

Will a bent tuning peg make the string slip?

No, as long as the string is attached properly and the tuning peg itself doesn't slip.

What is the purpose of the string attached to the IntraUterine Device?

I believe it is to assist in the removal of the device

How does Microsoft communicate with their employees?

two cups with a piece of string attached to them both.