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for adults dating is going out to dinner or movies with a bf/gf for kids/young teenagers dating is just having a bf/gf

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A Dating Relationship is where you go out with your significant other and have a good time.

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Q: In a relationship between two opposite sex what is dating?
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What is relationship dating?

"Relationship dating" is the looking for someone special to connect with (from the opposite sex, in a healthy relationship) personally and emotionally, by going out to places other than your home, and connecting socially (and slightly intimately (maybe kissing as a possible bonus if you like who you're dating, but NO SEX is involved)) with them in order to see if you "LOVE" that person, and to see if that person is a good person to stay with and possibly marry some day; So basically "relationship dating" is what I like to call the "searching-for-the-one-who-you-might-want-to-marry-some-day dating".

What are the objectives of a same-sex relationship?

The objectives of a same-sex relationship are exactly the same as the objectives of an opposite-sex relationship, including:lovehappinesscompanionshipsecuritycomfortmarriagechildrenfinancial benefitsand many more

Whether or not a young Christian youth can enter a romantic relationship with the opposite sex?

i dont fully understand your question, but yes. you can enter a romantic relationship with the opposite sex.

Is Emma Watson gay?

Emma Watson is not gay. She has been seen regularly dating people of the opposite sex.

Is it normal to look at people of the opposite sex when you are in a relationship?

it is very normal to look at the opposite sex when u are in a relationship, it's just the human way

Why don't teenage relationship s last?

Because They are new with the opposite sex and will start dating people they know they don't even like much either because their looks or just because they can

Is master the opposite of mistress?

No. These are the opposite sex, or gender, mistress being the female form of master.The relationship opposite of master is slave.

What if you're gay and you like someone of the opposite sex and they like you too?

date them. being in a relationship with a person of the opposite sex is the way it is supposed to be. It will be much better with someone of opposite sex. also you are most likey not gay if you are having feelings for someone of the opposite sex. embrace this feeling.

Are relationships between same-sex partners the same as between opposite-sex partners?


What is the word that means you are in a relationship with the same sex?

You would call this "dating" or simply "a relationship." If you get married, you would call this a "marriage."

What is the average age that children form a relationship with the opposite sex?

what age u want to be

What is the law for a relationship between a 18 year old and a 15 year old?

Do not participate in any sexual relationship until the lower aged person has reached the age of consent. Dating without sex is considered ok.