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We all can't be sure... but YES!!

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Q: In Sue Thomas fbeye is Jack in love with Sue?
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Who did the real-life sue thomas portray in the billy the kid episode of sue thomas fbeye?


In what city does the TV show Sue Thomas FBEye take place?

Washington D.C.

What is the Australian man's name on Sue Thomas FBEye?

His name is Bobby Manning. He is player by Rick Peters.

Is sue thomas fbeye ever going to come back on tv with a new series?

i hope we do .. it would be great

Who is Levi on Sue Thomas FBEye?

Her hearing-ear dog. Levi is played by a dog named Jesse Renfro

Who plays the title character on Sue Thomas FBEye?

Deanne Bray, born in 1971. Deanne Bray also plays Emma Coolidge on the series Heroes.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sue - 1915?

The cast of Sue - 1915 includes: Thomas Aitken as J. Mortimer Rose Alan Roscoe as Jack Rankin Dorothy Warshaver as Sue Newland

When was Jack Wong Sue born?

Jack Wong Sue was born on 1925-09-12.

When was Sue Thomas - author - born?

Sue Thomas - author - was born on 1951-07-16.

What has the author Sue Thomas written?

Sue Thomas has written: 'How women legislate' -- subject(s): Women in politics, Women legislators

Does Sue Thomas still work for the FBI?

Sue Thomas was a deaf agent who worked for the FBI. She helped the FBI by lip reading.

Who play Sue in Sue Thomas F B Eye?

Deanne Bray