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It represents the strength against bending (but not exactly!)

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Q: Importance of moment of inertia in civil engineering?
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What is moment of inertia and its importance in civil engineering?

The moment of inertia (writen I, with an indice indicating the axis in which it is expressed) mesures the opposition any kind of body will have against a certain momentum (along that same axis) trying to rotate that body

What is the importance of weathering in civil engineering?

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What has the author John Mascenik written?

John Mascenik has written: 'Method of application of moment distribution to the solution of arched bents with a varying moment of inertia' -- subject(s): Civil engineering

What the importance of studying in theorem Bernoulli in civil engineering?

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Characteristics and importance of sedimentary rocks as applied to civil engineering?

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Importance of Engineering geology and civil engineering?

Civil engineering relies on engineering geology, and engineer geology is man's role in civil engineering. He provides information for civil engineering and his works, such as building roads, and so on, and provides information on the earth's bearing capacity.

Importance of remote sensing in civil engineering?

remote sensing

What is the importance of angles in civil engineering?

because u can determine if the structure will be stable or not

The importance of igneous rocks in civil engineering?

use as aggregate in concrete technology

Why shear and moment diagrams are necessary in civil engineering?

if u are a civil engineer, to calculate the required amount of steel in structure.

Importance of auto cad in civil engineering?

ah question yantra pichana kodaka

Where does Civil engineering fit into the economy?

The house you are staying, the road on which you travel, are all just minor parts of civil engineering; you can now imagine its importance in economy. It is the driver of economy.