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Early December

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Q: Im wondering when i concieved my baby because my ultasound i had on january 7th says my due date is august 5th 2009 but i had a period for 7 days on nov 2 which my periods only last 5 days?
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Im wondering when i conceived my baby because my ultasound i had on January 7th says my due date is August 5th 2009 but i had a period for 7 days on nov 2 which my periods only last 5 days?

Average human gestation is just over 40 weeks, calculated as the time between the last period and birth, so the 5th of August is probably about right. You probably conceived your baby in the cycle after your 2 Nov period.

If your due date is January 15 2011 what day did you get pregnant?

i was due Jan 15th. i concieved approx around April 10th

Conceived on oct 28 2009 how many weeks are you?

If you concieved on October 28, 2009 you will be 11 weeks on January 13, 2010.

When did you conceive if ultrasound shows that you are 7weeks and 2days on January 29 2010?

You would have concieved on or around December nineth, two thousand nine.

Your baby is due 10-14-09 when did you get pregnant?

A fair estimate would be to subtract 9 months so say January probably concieved around New Years I would guess.

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obviously, it is now quite useless, but for anyone wondering what it was, here it is: Does planning interfere with creativity?

When do you conceive if your due date is October 2 2010?

Based on a 28 day cycle - LMP 10/02/09, you would be 8 weeks, 3 days, with an approximate due date of July 10, 2010.

When is your due date if you concieved on April 20?

I will assume you are talking about April 20th 2011. If so, that makes your estimated due date January 11th 2012. This date could be out by a couple of days though. It is also worth noting that babies are rarely born on their due date!

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