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You will need to explain to your family how you feel. It is illegal in some states to date a cousin.

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Q: Im in love with my cousin but im scared about what will my family think?
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Is it ok to fall in love with your cousin?

I don't think so...

How much does your cousin love you?

Usually cousin like other family members as family. Sometimes some cousins marry each other, so it depends on how he/she acts towards you.

Is it all right to love someone who is supposed to be your cousin by adoption we both love each other but can someone tell me their opinion?

Well you are always supposed to love any kind of family member. In law, adopted, or what ever the case. But I dont think it's good to date a family member

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It is okay to have a crush on your cousin but it is a little awkward to be in love/have a crush on your 1st or 2nd cousin in my opinion

How can you tell your cousin that you love although you know that he love someone else?

I think the girl not tell her feelings to him becoz if she do that she can lose her cousin n never get her relation back as like it is right now as his cousin love some one else so she should back off n do not come between in their lives.

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