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Nothing will happen if you don't do anything. My suggestion is to get to know him as a friend first and see what comes. Telling him all this upfront will most probably be more than he wants at first. It also may be a crush, which is an entirely different animal--not real.


The first thing to do is take a step back from your situation and ask yourself, "What is the true nature of this relationship?" Does this boy also have strong feelings for you? Or do you just have a secret "crush" on him?

If it is a relationship in which both of you have strong feelings for one another, let the relationship mature naturally.

If you just have a crush on him, that's fairly normal. But it's not "love."

Either way, explore those things in which you are both interested. Get to know some of the people who are his friends.

Does he have a favorite sport, team, or player? Is there a subject that especially interests him? Learn a little about such things, then ask him to explain something about them to you.

For example, does he like football? Ask him what is a "blitz." (It's something the defensive team does to put pressure on the other team's quarterback in a passing situation.) Then suggest, as a joke, that he should let you watch a football game with him so he can explain to you what the game is all about. He just might agree to do so.

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Q: Im in love with a boy but you cant tell him im scared of what will happen what do you do?
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