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It is not a requirement to shave before you go tanning because the light rays will move past the hairs. You will get the same tanning results if you shave or do not shave.

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Yes, always.

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yes it is best to

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Q: Im going tanning should you shave before you go?
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When laying in a tanning bed should you shave your legs before or after?

Before, so your legs won't look spotty when you are done. 'Cuz if you shave after, every place where there was hair will have a little dot of color==a color that matches the color you were before you tanned.

Is it obligatory to shave your head after umrah?

Actually I think it's you have to shave you head before going to Umrah and it is obligatory.

How soon after laser hair removal can you shave?

You should wait atleast 4 days after treatment before you shave.

Should you shave your hair at the barbers to a 0 blade if its going bald?


Should you shave before laser scar removal?

yes please

How long after tanning can you bath?

If you have been tanning with a basic accelerator or intensifier then you can bath immediately after tanning without hindering your tanning results. If you have been tanning with a lotion containing tingle then it is recommended you wait at least a few hours after exposure. A shower can actually increase the tingle sensation to an uncomfortable level. Finally if you are tanning with a product containing bronzers or a color guide then it is recommended that you wait about 4 hours before bathing. DHA bronzers are continuing to work and bathing can halt the process.

You should shave differently in the summer?

I should shave differently in the summer.

Why don't guys going bald just shave their heads?

because thatss not the point but i think they should

How should sparse be used in a sentence?

I shall shave these sparse chin hairs before my date.

Is it ok to shave after you tan?

You can exfoliate after tanning however it is recommended that you exfoliate before tanning. First, it removes dead skin cells which not only reflect light but also can not tan. Second it increases your circulation and tanning requires UVA + UVB (both found in the lamps) and oxygen. Increasing oxygen levels increases your tanning ability. Also, if you are using a lotion with DHA bronzer or a color guide then exfoliating right after tanning can halt the effects. Waiting about 4 hours after application allows you get the full results out of your lotion. So it is not recommended that you exfoliate right after tanning but it won't hurt you.

Should you wait 6 to 7 hours to shower after you tan in a tanning bed?

This is just my personal opinion. I usually tan after I take a shower because I feel like when I shave my legs after tanning that I'm shaving the tan off. I use a lotion that smells good after tanning and the salon I go to has deodorant in the rooms that I use when I get out. I also feel like a get a better tan because the shower opens my pores.

How do Muslim women shave before marriage?

Muslim women shave before marriage the same way other women shave when they choose so. With a shaver.