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Usually that he is not satisfied with his current woman but it could mean he was just a big flirt.

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Q: If your man chats up other women what does it mean?
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What does lesbean mean?

It means when a girl and another girl like each other like man and a women except a women and a women.

When a man is in a relationship and he looking at other women's butt what do that mean?

It means he's a man.... Men and Women both do those kinds of things all the time, it doesn't really mean anything. It's just our nature.

What does mean women?

men kidnapping young women, getting them addicted to drugs and turning them into prostitutes then selling them to other men in different counties

What does it mean if a man you like has other women who like him too and they keep looking at you and following you around?

If the women are following you around, you need to be careful. They are stalking you.

Why do married men look at other women?

For most men they will look at other women and just because they are married doesn't mean they can't appreciate a nice looking woman. Married women can also look at other men and some certainly do, but as long as the man and wife just look and don't touch it's all very normal. Just because a married man looks at other women does not mean he is being unfaithful.

What is the most accepted acronym for MTM?

The abbreviation MTM often stands for "Man to man" or "much too much", especially used in internet chats. It also can mean "Mark to Market" when used in financial concernings.

What does it mean when a man tells you not to call him?

That you have definitely fallen out of favor with him, or in most rare cases, he does not want his other woman (or women) to know about you.

What is a philanderer?

A philanderer is a married man who has affairs with women other than his wife.

What does it mean when a man squeezes a women's butt?

He wants to get slapped

What does it mean when a women rubs a man chest?

it means she is horny

What does MFUWE mean?

Man finds understanding women easy

How do you know when your man is attracted to other women?

He has a pulse.